Michael Zeiter

Financial Advisor

Michael Zeiter holds the following designations:

ChFC® Chartered Financial Consultant

CLU® Chartered Life Underwriter

ChSNC® Chartered Special Needs Consultant

Michael works with professionals at all stages of their careers. His primary objective in servicing his clients is through education, advice, and collaboration to grow strong financial futures, while laying the groundwork for a retirement that meets every client’s unique goal and objective.

Mr. Zeiter’s education as well as experience allows him to specialize in financial planning for business owners, retirees and hard-working folks in the middle of their careers as well as pre-retirement years. Not only does he focus on the all- important “accumulation phase” of his clients, but as well the critical area of “distribution phase” in retirement. Setting up the most suitable financial plan and strategy that delivers "peace of mind" to his clients in retirement, resulting in a continued predicatable income for the life of the client.

In addition to earning a B.S. in Finance and Business Administration from Sacramento State University. Michael has invested hundreds of hours through the years studying for and attaining his CLU, ChFC, and ChSNC designations.

But what has been critical to Michael’s success with business owners through the years is his experience as a business owner. Mr. Zeiter was a franchise and independent owner of café-deli from 1987 to 1999. From 1999 to present he has been in his current financial advisory and fiduciary role in his practice. He knows the first-hand needs and pains of being a small business owner.

Finally, Michael’s volunteer services in his community currently involves his leadership in a San Diego 501c3 men’s fellowship organization. His group holds various fundraisers in the community raising money for “Gods extended hand” Soup Kitchen in San Diego, as well as San Diego’s local food bank both helping the many folks in the San Diego County that are in real need.

As well his volunteering has led to out of the area destinations.  In destinations like Cancun, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Michael has been on a task force of fellow colleagues in the financial services profession, along with their families, flying to these locations and working hand-in hand on “Battered woman and children’s shelters”. These one and two day events would revamp these run down shelters into an institution worth being proud of by their directors and employees. 

Mr. Zeiter is married to his college sweetheart Lili, and blessed with three boys, Michael, Chris and John, all professionals in their own careers..

Mobile Phone 209.613.7210